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Replacement for ASUS 13-N9A10M060 Laptop CPU Fan


Computer performance to a great extent by the CPU performance is determined, andthe performance of CPU is mainly embodied in the program running speed. The performance index to effect the operation speed including work frequency, CPU Cache capacity, instruction system and logic structure parameters etc..
FrequencyThe frequency is also called the clock frequency, the unit is MHz or GHz (MHz) (GHz),is used to represent a CPU operation, the speed of processing data. Generally, the higher the frequency, the CPU data processing speed faster Replacement for ASUS 13-N9A10M060 Laptop CPU Fan
CPU frequency = FSB * frequency coefficient. There is a relationship between the frequency and the actual computing speed, but not a simple linear relationship.Therefore, the dominant frequency and CPU in real CPU operation ability is not directly related to the frequency representation, digital pulse signal oscillation in speed in CPU. In the Intel processor product, also can see such examples: 1 GHz Itanium chip can behave like 2.66 GHz Xeon (Xeon) as fast as a /Opteron, or 1.5 GHz Itanium 2 withGHz Xeon/Opteron 4 about as fast. The CPU operation speed and performance index of each aspect of CPU pipeline, bus etc   Replacement for ASUS M5000A Laptop CPU Fan

The FSB is the reference frequency CPU, the unit is MHz. CPU frequency determines the operating speed of the whole. Common ground says, on the desktop, theoverclocking, are super CPU frequency (of course, in general, CPU multiplier islocked) believe that this is a very good understanding of. But for the server CPU,overclocking is absolutely not allowed. Speaking in front of CPU determines the operating speed of the motherboard, which is the synchronous operation, if the server CPU overclocking, changed the FSB, will produce the asynchronous operation,(desktop many motherboard support asynchronous operation) which will cause the entire server system instability.
The vast and FSB motherboard FSB most computer systems are not synchronous speed, the FSB and the front side bus (FSB) frequency and easily be confused.  Replacement for ASUS M5200AE Laptop CPU Fan

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